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My Priorities and Solutions 

Image by Chang Duong

Priority #4



“It is easier to build a strong child than to mend a broken adult”

Empowerment starts with the right kind of education. Our current education system is rooted in colonial structures and barriers and the legacy of residential school. This is limiting students across the territory from meeting national standards for good quality education and a strong foundation for success. This is a massive gap that is putting our territories future in jeopardy. 


Government needs to improve graduation rates, make sure post-secondary investments lead to programs which are up to standard to compete in tomorrow’s job market and ensure that children in the territory have access to the right tools and resources to achieve this.

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  • Develop culturally appropriate curriculum and legislation that incorporates indigenous knowledge and ways of teaching and learning, acknowledging intergenerational trauma and the legacy of residential schools and how these barriers can be addressed in the education system


  • Get the Education Act Modernization done. Every Indigenous government and community have specific and unique challenges. Cross jurisdictional collaboration with all indigenous governments on developing and modernizing the Education Act will allow Indigenous governments to play a leading role in determining and delivering education in their regions    

  • Teachers are our frontline personnel helping us deliver successful education outcomes. We need to increase capacity in schools through appropriate staffing and retention incentives, providing teachers with the tools needed to stay in the job and address student gaps especially in smaller communities 

  • NWT has a lot of talent going through SFA and we can do a better job of monitoring where talent is ending up outside of the territory. Gathering this information can help us encourage and target areas where need is highest with tailored incentives to return to the north. This is will make government more proactive than reactive 


  • Government needs to put in place appropriate and affordable technology and bandwidth internet infrastructure especially in smaller communities to give our students equal opportunity to improve compete with students in other jurisdcitions

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